NEWS! TNT4KIDS to Join Charitable Groups for Overtown Homeless Outreach Event
TNT4KIDS will participate in an outreach event for the unhoused community on December 17th, from 10-3 pm EST, at the historic Greater Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Overtown.
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TalkN’Trees is a space for meditation, mindfulness, and reflection. We encourage you to communicate with the trees out loud, through whispers, in your head, through dance, or whatever way you please. You might find that it’s easier to talk to a tree if you aren’t sure how to talk to the people in your life yet. So go ahead, share with them your joys and anxieties. We promise they are listening to you.

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TNT4KIDS is a non-profit organization that strives to give today’s youth education and support about mental health. Mental health education is relevant to everyone, not just those with diagnoses. TNT4KIDS aims to share knowledge about healthy relationships, mental illness, and self-awareness with today’s youth so that they can effectively communicate to others when they are experiencing difficulties and also take action for themselves when possible. 

Our first project, launched on March 15, 2021, is the Talk n’ Trees initiative. Our goal is to plant triangles of trees in parks across the nation to create spaces for meditation and reflection by communicating with nature. We strongly believe that putting our thoughts and feelings into words, even if it is just to a tree, can be a great source of release for our woes and anxieties. We felt that putting these spaces in public areas would make them the most accessible to people in the community.  

As we grow we hope to create chapters in various communities so that we may hold educational sessions about mental health for youth about a variety of different topics, helping them build a vocabulary for expressing their emotions and teaching them about techniques to assist them in times of crisis. We understand that we are certainly not the first mental health organization serving youth in the United States and have every intention of working with other organizations locally and nationally as we do our work. One of our main philosophies is the importance of asking others for help, and we know we cannot do it alone. Our first partner, IDEAS FOR US, an internationally recognized non-profit working to conserve and protect our environment, collaborated with us on our Talk n’ Trees project.

If you are interested in contacting us to start a local chapter or plant a set of Talk n’ Trees at a park in your area please contact me. or

We are proud to be a Guide Star Gold for transparency of our operations.

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